Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler (March 2023)

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Our Tyrant Became Young Anime

Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler: Romance and drama fantasy manhwa Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler is a favorite among readers of manhwa.

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Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler summary

In a manuscript that was never published, I had a role. I had promoted the “Female Leading x Emperor” couple in the book.

When I was sobbing over the character who failed to unite. I was told to visit this page to view the complete narrative. Sure, I am!

“Get in line to hear my prediction”

I began earning money from the text’s content. Guys! But, there is no need to get married because you have a lot more money than I do.

Then, three months later, I am led into the Imperial City by the Emperor after investing money in prophecy and in accordance with the veracity of Man-law, go’s the golden-colored almighty.

The Emperor was in amazement when I later saw him for the first time.

“You are an expert,”

Sure, I am well-versed.

If so, please let me know when I’ll return to my original state.

The emperor then emerged from behind the white fabric as a four-year-old child.

What makes him so young?


She struggled to find a solution to the infant Emperor’s curse while trying to hide the fact that she was a prophet in order to remain undetected. He was.

Do you not perceive me as a baby?


Her forceful response raised Persyllion’s eyebrows. Her straightforward response had not pleased him, so he peered over her shoulder and held out his fingers.

“You are like a baby who is the most thrilling and adorable thing ever, always giving us the cutest new look. ……?”


“Like an angel from heaven, tasked with using your attractiveness to vanquish all evil!”

“Leave now!”

Persyllion threw a cute rabbit doll before he had even finished speaking. Well, I regret not buying a cat instead of a rabbit.


Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

ML’s Curse : Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

Endetio Heydar was the actual black screen and the one who cast the curse. Yet, this does not necessarily imply that Kestean is a horrible person. He is Kestean’s father.

Kestean strictly has benefited from Endetio’s teachings and has mastered dark magic.

 But, Kestean ultimately decides against going with his father because of his sorrow and sympathy for Persilion over the death of their mother when they were both nine years old.

After Endetio’s father met with the warlocks and discovered that you could affect the soul (life as well as death) through the dragon’s heart 100 years ago, the corruption has been rife.

The sacred tree in the Emperor’s palace is where this cursed medium was interred. Only those who have the imperial’s blood have access to the tree of sacrifice.

It is the Grand Duchess of Endetio who commands Difke to place the medium in the tree after swearing an oath of respect to her.

They were unable to place the medium within the imperial palace because Persilion never leaves it.

But, they took advantage of the chance to lock the medium in a terrified tree when Persilion was asked to meet Princess Sheril and Princess Sheril, which is why Persilion turned into a child after meeting Princess Sheril.

Being the Ardal from her past incarnation, Lippi has reawakened her celestial power. She overcame the barrier using this power to reverse the curse altogether.


ML Turning Adult : Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

After the medium is destroyed, Persilion will always be an adult. Before to happened, though, Sikar helped Persilion return to his adult form by using only half of his magical strength and releasing his power onto Persilion.

FL’s Power : Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

Yes. It’s possible that Lippi is the Ardal from 100 years ago who, after passing the Ardal tests and gaining Ardal strength, accidentally fell into the river from her carriage while she was on her way to Shekina (Actually the murder was planned).

Simeon can get to her because she fell into the river that connects to Shekina. Her soul roamed and eventually entered another planet, but since it was unstable, she eventually passed away.

Sikar and the Empire are both in danger, and according to an oracle from thirty years ago, Ardal was also dead and unable to inherit Ardal’s authority (Who is Persilion’s mother?).

Simeon brought Lippi’s soul from another realm (along with her body from when she dropped down to the river) and reversed the fate of Ardal, who passed away 100 years prior and did succeed in assuming Ardal’s authority.

She was moved to a location far from Shekina, which is situated in the western part of the empire, where her body had previously not been discovered.

After drinking the tainted cup holding the sacred leaf from the sacred tree, Lippi almost died and learned the source of her power.

She intended to protect herself while also letting others know that Duke Endetio’s plan involved poisoning the leaves of this hallowed t


Perry Prince Is The ML : Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

The general public will indeed realize that Prince Perry is the Emperor. This is due to the fact that many people witnessed Duke Endetio curse Persilion to become a child at the banquet.

Then using Lippi’s divine power, she transformed Prince Perry into his adult self (but Persilion’s power was only halved because the curse’s medium is still unknown).

Future Of OGFL And OGML : Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

There is no OGFL or OGML story in the primary plot. An additional narrative that runs concurrently with the main one is Lippi’s.

This indicates that the novel’s major plot is unaffected. Persilion is actually a member of Sheril’s family. Sheril’s mother is a relative of Persilion’s. Persilion is frequently referred to as Sheril “that child” because of this.

ML And FL Closing : Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

After Persilion became an adult thanks to Sikar’s influence, he confessed his love for Lippi. Lippi, however, is uneasy because she only recently saw him in his adult form a few hours before.

She therefore perceives any connection with him as an offense. (Haha..) Persilion pursues her relentlessly, but she has declared that she would try to acclimate first.

As she was on the verge of death, Lippi felt her feelings. She could see the disappointed and dejected look on Persilion’s face as he gazed at her vomit blood.

She believed that she didn’t want Persilion to experience the same sadness as his mother’s passing. To help Lippi become a part of this world and strengthen her soul so that she can use her God-given gift, this is done.

(Lippi’s soul isn’t stable since she thinks this is a world from a book and refuses to acknowledge that this is her world.)

She admitted her love in an effort to satisfy Persilion. Persilion built a temple and palace for Ardal and Sikar in the background of the palace’s main entrance (it’s all in the main plot). (Sikar and Ardal are soul mates who cannot be split apart.)

Background Of ML : Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

According to the oracle that was dated thirty years ago, Persilion is Ardal’s son. He continues to share in his mother’s authority, and Simeon bestowed upon him the imperial bloodline.

The night before his birthday, after the passing of his mother, he rediscovers the power of magic. He attended the magic tower as a student.

Then he went back to the royal palace to receive his throne inheritance. When it was his turn to be welcomed to dinner by his half-siblings and the empress, Persilion puked blood in their faces while making fun of him.

In his rage, he killed the two and took them to the hospital. Then, in a fit of panic and shock, the emperor passed away. Persilion attained emperor status.

Duchess Dfike : Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

Only one daughter, Difke, was conceived by the reigning Emperor.

The new Emperor can be succeeded by her. Her brothers all obediently follow her.

She knows Endetio even though she’s still a princess. Endetio once urged her to take part in the conflict in order to boost the imperial family’s reputation.

Difke was hesitant since it was dangerous for the younger generation to be involved in war, but Endetio persuaded her by providing several justifications.

The youngest brother eventually stayed in the palace due to his young age, and she went to war with her other three brothers. 

The war didn’t turn out the way it ought to, and it’s still a losing conflict.

Every day, her brothers died. She tried to help Endetio, but he said she couldn’t because he controls the Duke’s succession.

When she was last by herself, the adversary attacked her. a foe and tumbled toward the river and cliff.
Belia, Persilion’s mother, came to her aid.

Belia was still a priest candidate at the time and was learning theology in her community. Difke, who felt bad about losing his brothers, kept in touch with Belia and became good friends with her.

She went back to the Palace after learning that the Emperor was in pain. 

Endetio then congratulated her on her survival and informed her that Duke Heydar had been instrumental in the victory of the war (Endetio).

But Difke hates him since she lost everything; but the war made him a hero; but when the war ended, she was relieved.

She was a political opponent to the Emperor, her younger brother, or herself at the time Difke came back. 

No scheme exists to undermine her younger brother. Later Endetio advises her to travel to a different country to calm the populace.

She spent the following five years in the nation. She lost strength when she moved to the country and frequently passed blood.

Since the blood of an empress is divinely sanctified by God and impervious to poison, she was unaware that she had been poisoned.

Nevertheless, the hue of her drink darkened when the necklace Belia handed her touched it. When something finally seemed off, she made the decision to go back to the Empire.

The throne has been seized by her younger brother. The priests perished as well and were informed of Belia’s tale. She at last understood the evil plan of Endetio’s was true.

After admitting that it was him, Endetio threatened to kill her. Due to the fact that only blood from the imperial line may be absorbed into the sacred tree, 

Endetio, who was a strong woman, ultimately announced she would become his servant and assist him.

Afterwards, in order to assure that he wouldn’t be duped, he took an oath in front of her. She lied to follow Endetio throughout the years that followed. 

In order to covertly safeguard and help Persilion, the son of a friend, she was also appointed the elder of the magical towers.

Everything was going according to plan for Endetio, but after Persilion killed every member of the imperial family and took the throne, things got complicated.

Persilion is challenging to deal with and has significant trust concerns. Persilion’s son would continue talk to the street prophet and learn about the fake Ardal test even after Endetio did ultimately curse the sacred tree.

Infiltrating Endetio and the other nobles’ gathering covertly, Lippi found that Duke Heydar was the one who cursed Persilion.

Difke is the one who delivers the fatal blow to Endetio in the decisive conflict by following him all the way to the bitter end and then gaining the dragon’s heart.

The area was changed into a safe and Endetio’s black magic was rendered ineffective when he obtained the dragon’s heart, which is brimming with heavenly power. Difke stabbed him in the chest to bring him down.

Even though Difke violated the pledge and was killed, Persilion assisted her by giving her fruit from the sacred tree, which finally started to yield fruit.

Final Words : Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

All of our information about How Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers has been provided. Please share your thoughts with me and let me know if you want any further spoilers.


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